Highest Standards of Façade System

Construction is the process of building or assembling infrastructure. buildings or other physical structures.
About us

Raising New Heights Safely and Sustainably

The group of Companies started with the parent company Saeed Al Mansoori Est. after a humble start in 1980 in Abu Dhabi, has diversified its presence with facilities in Dubai and Ajman free Zone and floated new companies Tass Trading & Tass Industries F.Z.E. with a dedicated and professional team of managers, engineers, and technicians to cater to the requirements of construction and maintenance industries in the United Arab Emirates and the neighboring countries.

Tass Industries F.Z.E., flagship of the Tass Group of companies has established its name in the industry for its professional expertise, efficient services, customer-oriented approach, and complete technical backup and after-sales services. Currently, the company is involved in trading operations and is establishing an export base with the facility at Ajman Free Zone.

Most Modern & Powerful Industry in The World

Innovative building cleaning machinery, engineered for efficiency and precision. From skyscrapers to storefronts, our technology ensures a sparkling, spotless facade, every time.

Best Quality Material

Exceeding expectations with the pinnacle of quality materials, every project.




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